Jun. 6th, 2012 01:28 am
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I was able to complete 19 of the 25 squares.
All of them are haikus. I hope! A syllable count might be off on one or two.

Caught In The Rain
Angels release their
tears from Heaven above. And we
bitch about the rain.

Mistaken Identity
We all wear masks hide
truth covering so deep we
forget who we are

Alternate History
Praise to the third Reich!
Blue eye blond children cheer in
America now

Hot Cocoa
A layer of white
cover the brown hot liquid
best sip carefully

First person narration
I count the freckles
on her naked flesh amazed
that she calls me hers

Hunting for treasures
to steal what was stolen from
another no guilt felt

Affiliation Switch
Abandon your home
never look back memories
will hold your heart now

Loss Of Job
Twenty years of your
life vanish at the words down
sizing but thanks pal

Coming Home
Swore never to come
back to this place but at his
death that promise breaks

Nervous Breakdown
Voices scream loudly
telling lies confused as truth
you shake and laugh out

They say a girl can
never have enough shoes three
dozen pairs each day

Everybody lies
that is the only truth you need
to survive this world

Chance Encounters
A quick glance on a
street everything alters for
them for it's true love

Fire In The Fireplace
Two chutes of red wine
wrapped together in silk sheets
fire, not so hot

Digging through a shoe
box of faded photographs
memories come smiles

Fairy Tales
Happily ever
after the princess finds her
prince animals sing

Pretending To Be Married
They are the perfect
actors holding hands impressing
his great grandmother

Nurse Back To Health
Wrapped bandage tightly
around the wound he holds her
hand keeping her calm

People state rudely
make judgments with their eyed not
knowing his true soul
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Song Title Used: Sleeping
*Retro effects was not working*

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Song Title Used: Livin' On A High Wire
*retro effects wasn't working*

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Song Title Used: Closing Time

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Song title used: Unforgetful You

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Song title used: 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas

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Song title used: Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

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Song title used: When You Go

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Song title used: Dancing In The Dark

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Song Title Used: Guitar Concerto

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Song Title Used: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Demo)

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Song title used: Safe

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Song title used: The Cave

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Song title used: Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)

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Song title used: Crooked Teeth

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Song title used: These Hard Times

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Song title used: The Deepest Ocean There Is

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Song title used: Same Mistake

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Song title used: Melancholy Man

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Song title used: What I've Done

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Song title used: The Long Fall

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Song title used: Test Transmission

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Song title used: Real Good Looking Boy


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